brewer: Urakasumi Saura

Urakasumi Junmai 720ml

浦霞 純米酒

JAPANESE NAME: Urakasumi Junmaishu
Type: Junmai - Pure rice, Original
SIZE: 720 ml
CODE: S115
Fruity aroma mixed with some toasted nuts. You can taste the rice umami with a light body, for everyday drinking.
KEYWORDS: Cheese / Fish / Meat


  • Grilled salmon

  • Grilled meat

  • Spicy

  • Soft cheese

Quick Facts

brewer Urakasumi Saura region Miyagi
SMV Sake Meter Value, lower numbers are sweeter, higher numbers are dryer +1 (Balanced) seimai buai polishing ratio (the lower the better) 65% (Refined)
alcohol 15% serve at 20o - 50oC

brewer: Urakasumi Saura

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